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Calling all Colonial Military Units
 battlestar_75 - (adama_bsg_75)
02:06am 24/09/2006
adama_bsg_75 posting in The Battlestar Galactica Roleplay
Are we still a-go here?
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What does it all mean...
 battlestar_75 - (worst_cag)
04:37pm 21/08/2006
Who: Lee Adama, possible second character entrance
Where: Hangar deck/Showers and locker room
What: Lee contemplates where life might take him and the rest of the Galactica crew

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After the discovery of Water in response the Shortage
 battlestar_75 - (adama_bsg_75)
03:16am 18/08/2006
adama_bsg_75 posting in The Battlestar Galactica Roleplay

Who: William Adama and Saul Tigh

When: During the Fleet’s water shortage.

What: Labourers from the Astral Queen had been working for two days and already tensions were running high throughout the Fleet.

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Been away for a while
 battlestar_75 - (starbuck_thrace)
04:06pm 21/08/2006
I sincerely apologize...RL has been really crazy for me and I haven't been able to get away. But I should be able to get back on on a regular basis, and hopefully the RP will really get started.

I'll be writing a little piece in Starbuck's journal, and will maybe see can I get something up in the group journal? Also, just to backcheck...

capricasix is playing our Caprica Six, adama_bsg_75 is playing William Adama and temp-writing Colonel Saul Tigh, and I am playing Starbuck and worst_cag is playing Apollo. Also, adama_bsg_75, I would like to apologize for the moderation status on your membership of this group...the group settings will be changed as soon as I can get to them.
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 battlestar_75 - (capricasix)
08:59pm 05/08/2006
I offered to make a banner and starbuck_thrace accepted! So here is the promotional banner and code.


[center][img src="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i304/coexist_love/battlestar_75.jpg"]
[lj user="battlestar_75"][/center]

Replace ([) with (>)

I'm sorry I can't seem to figure out how to make a cut and paste code.
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Possible storyline?
 battlestar_75 - (starbuck_thrace)
01:56pm 04/08/2006
I think it would be nice to start out right after the miniseries, where they left off...if you've noticed, they left out a bit of story between the end of the miniseries and the attacks in "33". I think it would be interesting to start out with a bit of roleplay from there...perhaps we can start out aboard the fleet, then change viewpoints over to Caprica?

Also, I need to know if anyone else is capable of writing for other characters? So far, there are only three of us, and we need a few more characters to keep the RP from dying.

I also want to know if anyone else has any ideas? I'd like to here what everyone has to contribute to this.

tags: bsg, storyline
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Canon Cast Members
 battlestar_75 - (starbuck_thrace)
10:39am 27/07/2006
Okay, so...I'm guessing that everyone will want to know who we have available and who has already been taken. I will try to keep this list updated.

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(no subject)
 battlestar_75 - (starbuck_thrace)
08:12pm 16/07/2006
This Battlestar Galactica Community is a group for accounts of confrontations (both peaceful and less-than-peaceful) of the officers aboard our favorite Battlestar.

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tags: bsg, rules, writing
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